Buddies and Class Representatives



All classrooms at MPW are paired up with another classroom or buddy room.


This will be different age groups e.g. F/1 with 3/4. Students interact with several people from their buddy grade (not just 1) in order to develop positive relationships with several people across the school.


Buddy grades might meet on a weekly or fortnightly basis as well as for various reasons/events across the school year.


Class Representatives 


Each classroom has one or two parents/carers who have the following roles - compiling a friendship list for their child’s class, assisting the class teacher with particular activities – e.g. parents/carers attending excursions, assisting in the classroom, organising social events for the parents/carers of their class, welcoming new parents/carers to MPW in their class and others as discussed between the representative/s and their classroom teacher.


Generally Classroom Representatives are selected by the classroom teacher.



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