Educational Philosophy

The social, emotional, physical and academic wellbeing of our students underpins all practices at MPW. A positive self-image is necessary for effective learning to occur. These aspects of the whole child need to be equally nurtured to ensure that students experience success.


Children are at the centre of planning and are unique individuals with a powerful capacity to contribute and learn. MPW is child centred with an emphasis on deep inquiry, critical thinking and creativity. Inquiry through exploration, investigation and play in meaningful experiences provides the opportunity to engage and involve children. Through structured and unstructured teacher and student-led experiences, children construct their understandings of the world.


Learning is a continuum and each child is supported to move along the learning continuum and build on their achievements, ability, interests and knowledge. Children are supported to feel secure in taking risks.


All children and their opinions are valued. Learning experiences are planned to challenge bias and stereotypes where respect for the rights of individuals, and an acceptance for difference enable children to participate in society.


All Educational Policies at MPW will reflect this Philosophy Statement and encompass Cambourne's Natural Learning Conditions.


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