At the beginning of the school year we ask that parents/carers sign a local excursion note, which allows students to undertake activities such as excursions to the local park and fire station without needing a specific excursion note each time. This allows teachers to undertake 'excursions' of a local nature - walks, visits to the park, shops, etc.


During the year various excursions/incursions will be arranged for students that are valuable learning experiences. 


All excursions which require buses or public transport to be used require notification in writing, together with a permission slip.


Classroom teachers may require or ask for parent/carer assistance for excursions. We are unable to include pre-schoolers on excursions. 


If you would like to attend an incursion/excursion you require a Working with Children Check.  Applications are available online at . A copy will need to be provided to the office prior to attending incursions/excursions.


Student Feedback


Exploring Our Emotions, ‘Inside and out’


“We were learning how to work together. We did Island Hopping, Moon-ball Bounce, Blind Hopping and Tower Building. We were learning about trust, never giving up, taking turns and listening to each other. The team building session was really fun… fun… FUN!”.  Lachlan


Science Discovery Dome


"There was an inflatable dome in the gym that we walked into. When we were in there we saw a projector that was showing us a picture of Yuri Gagarin, the first man on the moon, in a space craft getting ready for launch. In the incursion, we learnt a bit about the Earth’s history and about the other planets in our solar system, called the Milky Way. Did you know… when it rains on Venus, it actually is raining acid! Or, the canyons on Mars are filled with a deadly gas called carbon monoxide. It was an awesome and fun filled experience and I would definitely recommend doing it if you get the opportunity". Nick , Will  and Elliot


Bell Shakespeare


What did you learn about William Shakespeare?


"I learnt that William Shakespeare had two styles of writing: comedies and tragedies. Shakespeare changed the game for writers. Most writers were people at university that came from the city, but Will came from the country". Caitlin


Japanese music


"On the 20th of June the school went and saw a Japanese music incursion in the gym. We started off with a song by the three musicians – Claudia, Sofia and Sophie".


After the song they gave us a bit of an introduction to Japanese music and told us about some Japanese drums and Japanese songs, along with some history. We then had two more songs, the first with volunteers from the audience and then the second by themselves. Then they taught us “WASHA”, a word that encouraged workers in Japan. We then finished with a big finale with six students playing instruments on the stage. We all enjoyed the experience and loved it because we were all included in different ways. We can’t wait for the next incursion!". Nick and Thomas


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