Video Conferencing

WebEx Meetings is the Department of Education’s video conferencing solution that the school will be using during Remote Learning with students.

Accessing WebEx for Video Conferencing

There are no login’s required for WebEx for students. Teachers will send a link to scheduled meetings on Google Classroom and to parents via Compass.

Students only need click the link provided, which takes them to meeting page. If you don’t have the app download, it may prompt you to download. However, there is an option to use within the browser as well.

Here it will ask for two details:

- a name, we recommend just your child’s first name

- an email address, you are able to make an email address up for this (e.g.

  • Adher to the ICT
  • Acceptable Use policy regarding use of technology and cyber safety
  • Complete assigned work to the best of their ability and in reasonable amount of time allocated
  • Join in to and participate in scheduled video conferencing sessions on Webex and follow all teacher instructions and expectations
  • Listen respectfully to teachers and other students
  • Respectfully communicate to teachers and other students as required: face to face, through comments and emails
  • Students will not record any video conferencing sessions
  • Support students to access and complete assigned learning tasks each day
  • Continue to mark student absences on Compass by 9 .30am each morning in order to notify teachers that students are unable to work remotely on that day
  • Ensure students are able to attend scheduled video conferencing sessions
  • Allow students to participate independently in weekly check-ins
  • Not record any video conferencing sessions
  • Not share or comment about video conferencing sessions on social media
  • Mark the roll each morning.
  • Parents will have marked student absences on Compass prior to 9am notifying teachers that students will not be able to participate in learning that day.
  • All other students will be marked as present and teachers need to save the roll by 9:30am (THIS MAY CHANGE WITH DIRECTION FROM DET)
  • Distribute weekly timetable and schedules to students and parents in advance to allow for preparation
  • Conduct scheduled class check-in video conferences with all students each week beginning in week 3 Consideration should be given for siblings and support availability of access at home.
  • Conduct small group learning video conferences with all students at least twice a week in two learning areas
  • Pre-record videos modelling specific teaching and learning as needed (being mindful of resources used to avoid breach of copyright)

Controls that can be accessed by participants during a meeting


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